national Egyptian Pharma company established by a determined group of partners to be a unique business in Egypt.

Since 2011 FPi journeyed in the legislative and the licensing process, has been successful in acquiring distinguished talents at several levels to derive and deliver organizational KPIs.

Together with more than 50 molecules cued up in the pipelines, 30 molecules have already been launched successfully since 2011.

Under the leadership of distinguishable CEO Dr. Gamal El-Leithy, we have developed a management team ready to carry out the missions of the FPi project.

We are not solely emphasizing the financial objectives; however we are equally determined to establish a unique business culture and future code of conduct through our core values.

Future Pharmaceutical Industries (FPi) has successfully passed the following audits:
  • EMEA – pre-assessment audits on June and November 2013.
  • Sanofi GMP audit on October 2013.
  • Sandoz GMP audit on December 2013.
  • Novartis-OTC GMP audit on March 2014.
  • Regular Egyptian ministry of health inspectors – GMP inspections on weekly basis to assure continuous implementation / compliance with GMP standards.