Future pharmaceutical industries (FPi) is committed to the highest level of quality in the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of our products and quality management system. Our products` quality is complying to all international GMP guidelines and registered regulatory requirements.

Assurance of our quality and integrity are the responsibility of:

  • Managing director, who has responsibility for creation of an atmosphere of high standards.
  • Division managers and supervisors, who are charged with development and implementation of quality systems.
  • Each employee, who is responsible for the quality of his/her work and for suggesting quality improvements.

The quality system is documented on four levels:

  • Level 1 : Quality policy
  • Level 2 : Quality Manual
  • Level 3 : Standard operating procedures
  • Level 4 : Quality Records and logbooks

Quality assurance manager is responsible for ensuring that the quality system is being effectively implemented and maintained.

The quality system is covering the following aspects:

  • Personnel: Key personnel, job description, training, personnel hygiene.
  • Premises and equipment: Design, environment, maintenance, security, safety, hygiene, cleanliness, storage capacity.
  • Documentation: Good documentation practice, document control, retention of documents, procedures and records.
  • Supply Chain: Good warehousing practice, planning, purchasing, distribution, approved suppliers.
  • Production: Prevention of cross-contamination, validation, starting materials, processing operations, packaging materials, packaging operations, finished products.
  • Quality control: Good quality control laboratory practice, laboratory personnel, premises, equipment, documentation, sampling, testing, stability programme.
  • Self inspection: Pre-scheduled inspection programme at suitable intervals, reports and records, corrective / preventive action.
  • Product incident: Complaints, quality defects, product recalls.
  • Quality Assurance: Current good manufacturing practice, validation, monitoring, in-process control, compliance with regulatory, investigation handling, batch release.