Thoroughly well chosen product portfolio that suits nature demand and affordability of our community. We intend to deliver this product through state of the art manufacturing facility designed in accordance to the most current cGMP requirements, or flexible upgradable to any development or improvement in that ERA.

This is upheld with manpower of high caliber, long and diversified experienced, ethical, committed and ambitious management. Furthermore, the manufacturing facility is constituted of first class top line European production machinery and quality control equipment and is constantly updated and added to. Also, the plant is operated with HVAC and water treatment system designed and equipped with top line machineries to comply with the current cGMP approvals. All of the above mentioned manufacturing equipment is actively monitored by our strict, updated and implemented quality system to ensure our objective.

FPI ensures and secures the availability of a safe and effective medicine for all mankind. This is the prime objective and motive for all FPi personnel in aims of raising the lifestyle of all Egyptians as the most important target for all FPi activities.

Company’s value / believes All these values and believes are controlling behaviors, actions and attitude of all personnel within their internal and external communications , relations and cooperation. The company also holds long term