• Active Substance (s) : Famotidine (10 mg) + CaCo3 (800 mg) + Mg OH (165 mg)
  • Dosage Form : Chewable Tablets
  • Pack : 10 tablets/strip
  • Indication :
    • Short-term symptomatic relief of heartburn, indigestion, acid indigestion, and hyperacidity
  • Product Description : Jeparilon contains famotidine reduces the acid and pepsin production, as well as the volume of basal, nocturnal and stimulated gastric secretion. Magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate are antacids and neutralize intraluminal acid on contact.
  • Recommended Daily Dosage :
    • One tablet to be chewed for the relief of symptoms
    • No more than two tablets to be taken in 24 hours